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Climate change and H5N1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Climate change and H5N1 - Essay Example This subtype virus was first discovered in 1960 in china. It was then discovered in Hong Kong as a direct transmission of the virus from birds to humans. Recent studies show that the wide spread statistics of the virus is reported over 60 countries in the world. Scientists have been on the look out to analyze whether the global climate change has any risk factors towards the widespread viral situation (Joan,138). Different studies have been reported towards the virus highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses H5N1. Through understanding the causes of the condition mode of spread, findings can be concluded towards the effects of climate change as a risk factor. A number of studies will be analyzed here. Different years will be analyzed also. Data for the different continent spread is analyzed here through the periods when the global climatic effects were felt. The disease influenza is caused by transmission of the virus from birds to humans. The predisposing risk factor is coming into contact with the virus. Research was done over the different continents from January 2004 to December 2009. Throughout this period, the epidemic waves are assessed. Global warming that has enhanced the mosquito transmitting the virus to thrive in different continents. These have been felt largely in the northern America as well as Europe. The excessive heat during the early summer period has seen a huge outbreak of the disease. The mosquito transmits the bird in turn it enters the human systems. The virus has been analyzed and seen to survive more effectively during the cold weather. This in turn leads to its wide spread during the winter and early summer. The global change in climate has cause a different trend in the movement of birds that carry the virus from Asia to other parts of the world. Their movement entails a longer stay in one place, lack of ordinary migration movement in time assessment, the length before stopping

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Christianity Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Christianity - Assignment Example Christianity, through the bible, defines anger as a sin of an attitude that is mental (Lester 85). Anger, as a sin, expresses exasperation, antagonism, resentment, indignation, and outrage. Anger is also an inducer of emotions, which are, however, not angry feelings. The pattern of thoughts, which caused the feeling to be produced, is what is referred to as sinful anger. Via the bible, Christianity defines a type of anger that is not of a sinful nature and calls it righteous indignation. This anger does not beget emotion. This goes to show that anger is a sin when emotions are involved. The Christian bible utilizes two words from Greek to denote anger: orge, which is referent to mental anger and thumos, which is referent to mental anger. It is a possibility to possess mental anger while at the same time not showing any emotional response. Ephesians 4:31 says that ogre and thumos are bitterness related (Lester 85). As a sin, anger causes man to sin against his fellow men. It breeds self-righteousness, gossip, complaining, and maligning. Righteous indignation and anger are reactions of a mental nature to circumstances or events (Lester 86). When the reaction cannot be justified, it turns to irrationality, irritation, and exasperation. Anger of a sinful nature has several characteristics. Gal 5:19-21 lumps it with impunity, immorality, idolatry, enmities, strife, among others. Therefore, it is a sin from the nature of sin.

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A Brothers Love Essay Example for Free

A Brothers Love Essay When you compare Louis Erdrichs story The Red Convertible and James Baldwins story Sonnys Blues, they seem like completely different stories. The Red Convertible is about two brothers, Lyman and Henry, who grow up on a Native American reservation in North Dakota. The two brothers share a strong bond that is personified through their love for a certain red car that they share. They go through an amazing Journey and discover a lot about each other. On the other hand, Sonnys Blues is also about two brothers, however their Journey goes a completely different oute than Lyman and Henrys. In Sonnys Blues, the narrator and his little brother, Sonny, start out as distant and forgotten family members. Through Sonnys love for music, and his older brothers gradual acceptance, the two grow a stronger bond than ever before. Although the two are indeed about different topics, there are some parallels to recognize as well. The Red Convertible and Sonnys Blues are alike for many reasons, but the most prominent similarity is the theme of brotherhood. For instance, in Sonnys Blues, the dynamic between the two brothers changes from eing completely distant to finally understanding each other, despite their differences. The growth of a relationship is an important factor in true brotherhood. An example of the two brothers taking a step in the right direction is when they meet after Sonny is let out of prison. It has been a while since they have spoken last, and the older brother narrates, miet, when he smiled, when we shook hands, the baby brother Id never known looked out from the depths of his private life, like an animal waiting to be coaxed into the light. (Baldwin, 312) The other brother is realizing that e has never really known his baby brother because his true self was always buried beneath the mask of his drug addiction. We can see here that the other brother is seeing that Sonny is trying to let himself into the light, or trying to finally get himself to a better place in life. The turning point in the story where Sonnys love for music gets truly understood by his brother, is at the end of the story when he is playing his gig. The older brother states, For, while the tale of how we suffer, and how we are delighted, and how we may triumph is never new, it always must be heard. There isnt any other tale to tell, its the only light weve got in all this darkness. (Baldwin, 324) This statement by Sonnys older brother shows that he has finally opened up his heart to accept that his little brother is getting better and expressing himself through music. Like in Sonnys Blues, Henry and Lyman go through a similar Journey in The Red Convertible, where they discover their own Journey through brotherhood. Unlike Sonnys progression of his relationship with his brother, Henry and Lymans relationship starts out ver y strong but dies out in the end. Although the two stories have different outcomes, the core theme of brotherhood is the same. In The Red Convertible, Henry and Lyman are best friends, and spend every moment hanging out with each other. They are inseparable, until Henrys decision to Join the army for three years tears them apart. When Henry returns, Lyman is concerned as he remembers the times wed sat still for the whole afternoon, Henry always had a Joke, then, too, and now you couldnt get him to laugh (Erdrich, 74). Lyman is realizing that his brother nas changed and is disassociated wit n his tormer selt. Lyman is pain stricken because the strength of their brotherhood was slipping through his fingers. Overall, both stories express the motivation and strength that a brotherhood can give. Despite their similarities in overall theme, the two stories are different regarding the symbols that connect the brothers. In Sonnys Blues, the factor that allowed Sonny and his brother to break the barrier between them was his music. Living in Harlem, there isnt many ways to express yourself or let yourself be heard, so music was an escape. Through Sonnys infatuation with music, his brother was able o see beyond his drug addiction and begin to start the re-birth of their relationship. At the end of the story, Sonnys brother was watching him play, But Just before they started playing again, Sonny sipped from it and looked toward me, and nodded (Baldwin, 326). At this point, it is as if Sonnys brother accepted him through the music and finally feels that connection that only brothers can share. Music is a central symbol in Sonnys Blues and creates a stepping stone for the two brothers relationship to grow. On the other hand, we have The Red Convertible, which has a uch different object that directs the story. In The Red Convertible, Henry and Lymans relationship is driven by their love for their red car they had bought together. The red flashy car resembles the boys resilient and carefree view on life, and the strength of the bond they shared in the beginning of the story. However, after Henry returns from Vietnam, he is a changed man and according to Lyman, The change was no good. (Erdrich, 72) Lyman hopes that the car might bring the old Henry back somehow (Erdrich, 75), but is let down when Henry shows no interest in he car. Ironically, Henry ends up destroying the car which, symbolically, destroys the relationship between the two brothers as well. Like the music in Sonnys Blues, the red car in The Red Convertible was a symbol for the change in the brothers relationship. The relationship between two brothers can be transitive, whether it starts distant and grow close like in Sonnys Blues, or the other way around as we saw in The Red Convertible. While each story may have different symbols and storylines, we still see the theme of both the true nature of brotherhood.

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European Imperialism of China and Japan :: essays research papers

European Imperialism of China and Japan Imperialism is the practice by which powerful nations or peoples seek to extend and maintain control or influence over weaker nations or peoples. By the 1800’s, the Western powers had advantages in this process. They led the world in technological advances, giving them a dominance when conquering other countries. The European Imperialists made attempts to conquer China and Japan. In this process, they succeeded by influencing Japan greatly. However, they were not as successful with China.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   At the end of the eighteenth century, China’s goods were much desired by Britain. However, the Chinese saw Europeans as savages and did not want to trade with them. During trade, there was an imbalance in China’s favor, because the Europeans were forced to buy Chinese goods using silver. The Western Imperialists began to grow opium poppies from in India, and then smuggle them into China. China soon became addicted to the drug and spent most of it’s money on the purchase of it from the Europeans and Americans. This shifted the balance of power to be in Europe’s favor.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In the early 1800’s, Japan had blocked off all trade from other countries. Foreign whaling ships could not even reload or repair their ships in Japan territory. This offended many other countries. In 1852, Matthew Perry was sent to Japan to negotiate open trade. Japan felt threatened by the United States, and gave in to their demands. Japan was frightened by their stipulations, and immediately began to reform. They developed a new education system that was similar to America and Europe’s. They also developed a Western style judiciary system.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Japan and China reacted differently to the reforms of Imperialism. When put under pressure, Japan succumbed to the power of Western Imperialist ideas. Conversely, China, resisted for a long time. As a result, Japan had more technology, while China was unenlightened of the new advances. Japan also gained more respect from other countries, that China did not have.

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Marketing and Soft Drink Concentrate Essay

The brand Rasna is owned by Pioma Industries that introduced the concept of Soft Drink Concentrate (SDC), a segment that had been created and nurtured by the company in the Indian beverages Market. The brand was originally launched by the name of ‘Jaffe’ in 1976 and marketed with the help of Voltas, but was renamed to ‘Rasna’ in 1979. When the product did not do as well as it was expected, in 1983, the advertising was handed over to an advertising agency named Mudra Communications Ltd. Pioma Industries Limited is perhaps not a familiar name for the average Indian consumer. But Pioma’s brand Rasna is very well known. In fact, the name Rasna is almost a generic name for soft drink concentrates in Indian beverages market. Rasna’s extremely popular advertisements with the tagline â€Å"I love you Rasna† had become an integral part of the Indian advertising folklore. In March, 2002, Pioma announced a radical overhauling of its strategies for the Rasna Brand. This development was rather unexpected, as the brand had been lying dormant since long. Rasna is the market leader in the 250 Crore Indian soft drink concentrate industry. The SDC industry is miniscule compared to the 5000 crore carbonated soft drink industry (CSD). The powdered soft drink concentrate industry is worth around 90 crore. During the ‘80s, Soft Drink Concentrate (SDC) was not a known concept. For the consumers, Soft Drinks were just the aerated drinks which could be purchased in bottles and were usually consumed outdoors. Rasna came, and changed the whole mind set. COMPETITORS IN THE MARKET As the pioneers in Concentrated Soft Drink Industry in India, Rasna, never had to face any threatening from any of its competitors, be it a global player or a small local company. Powder concentrate occupy 85% of the total soft drinks concentrate market. Here, in this study, we are considering both Powder and Syrup CSD as competition for the Brand Rasna. Following are some of the competitors who tried to make their mark in the 250 Crore Indian soft drink concentrate industry: 1. Tang- Kraft Foods. 2. Sunfill- Coca Cola. 3. Fanta Fun Times- Coca Cola. 4. Sugarfree D’lite- Zydus Cadila. 5. Kissan Mr Fruit- Hindustan Unilever. The journey of a brand is not always easy. The market is very dynamic and a brand needs to keep a track of the changes in the market. Rasna had to face such challenges too. But it is the resurrection this brand has shown, through strategic marketing, in all instances that makes it stand out and lead the market. MARKET SHARE Rasna has always been recognised at large for Brand and Company. It ranks No. 1 in the beverages category as â€Å"Most Trusted Brand of India†. It is listed among the top 15 brands in the country. It was awarded as the most preferred brand in the SDC category at the FMCG Most Preferred Awards 2003 and 2004 and Consumer World Award 2004. It has pioneered not only with its strong marketing strategies but also with its proper scaled distribution chain. Rasna has always concentrated on its marketing and brand building and has achieved an expertise in flavour technology. Its efficient management in production and market environments has harnessed to bring to the global consumers, technologically superior products in fruits, vegetables, beverages and confectioneries and to stand as the leader in processed food industry. Rasna has adequate and in-depth knowledge and information on Market sizes and behaviours, Growth prospects, Project Viabilities, Government Policies, Finances etc.and access to more, enabling the company to respond fast to any proposal with suitable recommendation. It believes that there is a huge and emerging market for Rasna’s kind of product range, all over the world. Rasna is capable of managing global sized manufacturing set-ups working on the most advanced technologies to cater to the huge markets, locally and globally. Rasna has managed to dominate the colossal SDC market because of its massive International operations. One of Rasna’s biggest strength is its marketing and sales set-up, through which millions of customers worldwide is experiencing the flavour of satisfaction. It provides a strong and pro-active marketing support to its distributors and importers around the world- just so that their products stand out and apart on the shelves. Timely delivery schedules of its products anywhere in the world are what have helped them to reach a strong position in the global market. Rasna has its offices in the following countries: * USA and Canada * UK and Europe * Saudi Arabia * Russia * Fiji This strong chain of distribution to large number of countries within a stipulated period of time has helped the brand gain a reputation in the market. It has also helped Rasna in creating enormous business relations all over the globe. The countries which imports Rasna products globally are as under: In recent years, the brand has had to face off challenges, though not from its direct competitors. International soft drink giants like Coca-Cola (Sunfill) and Kraft Foods (Tang) have introduced competitor products in the market. PepsiCo India too is gearing to launch a glucose-based ready-to-drink beverage under the Lehar brand that will be sold at price point of Rs. 5 for a 200 ml stock-keeping unit. All of them have deep marketing pockets and standard products to lure customers away from Rasna. Even the profile of Rasna’s target audience is changing. Kids today are a lot more aware, and their parents don’t mind buying more expensive ready-to-drink products, which the MNCs have. But, true to its entrepreneurial spirit, Rasna is not about to give any ground to its rivals. Though some analysts feel that Rasna has been slow to react to the competition, Piruz Khambatta, Chairman, Rasna, still dismisses the challenge saying â€Å"water is our only competition. † According to the 2010 data, Rasna leads the SDC market. The market shares of Rasna and all the competitors are as follows: * Rasna- 97. 2 % * Coca-Cola’s Sunfill – 2% * Sugarfree D’lite- 0. 2% * Kissan Mr Fruit- 0. 1% and * Tang- 0. 5%. COMPARTIVE STUDY ON 4 Ps SCALE The Marketing Mix: Here in this study of the Brand Rasna, we are comparing the brand with its competitors available in the market on the scale of the 4 Ps. The 4 Ps of the marketing mix are: 1. Product. 2. Price. 3. Promotion. 4. Place. Product Line of Rasna: Rasna began with 9 flavours in 1982, and added the 10th in the year 1987. The company was revamped in the year 2002. * In 2002, Rasna changed its look and came up with a new logo. * The tagline of the company was also changed and with a new tagline â€Å"Relish a Gain†, Rasna has tried a deep penetration in the rural and semi-urban market. The recent product line of Rasna is as follows: Name| Pack Size| Flavour| Price ()| Rasna Frootfun| 32 glasses| Orange, Mango, Lemon, Pinaple| 35| Rasna Frootfun| 12 glasses| Orange, Mango, Lemon| 10| Rasna Freshfun| 32 glasses| Shahi Gulab, Keshar Elaichi, Kool Khus, Cola Cola| 35| Rasna Freshfun| 12 glasses| Shahi Gulab, Cola Cola| 10| Rasna 1 ka 2| 2 glasses| Orange, Mango, Lemon| 1|. Rasna FrootPlus Jar| 500 grams| Orange, Mango, Lemon| 85| Rasna FrootPlus Pouch| 750 grams| Orange, Mango, Lemon| 105| Rasna FrootPlus Pouch| 500 grams| Orange, Mango, Lemon| 75| Packing Details: The operating product line of Rasna consists several sku. The company follows different pack size on carton basis. These pack sizes may vary depending on local market demand. The following table will give a general idea of the pack sizes. Sr. No. | Product| Units per Carton| 1| Rasna Instant Drink (powder beverages)| | | Laminate Pouch Packings| | A| 3 gm pouch pack| 50*60|. B| Single Serve pouch pack (12 gm pouch-orange)| 10*12*6| C| 25 gm single serve sachet| 12*2*12| D| 250 gn refill packs| 36| E| 500 gm refill packs| 24| F| 750 gm standby refill packs| 15| G| 1 kg standby refill pack| 15| H| Litro packs 1 ltr| 12*10| | Glass Jar Packings| | A| 250 gm glass jar| 40| B| 500 gm glass jar| 20| C| 750 gm sleek glass jar| 15| | Plastic jar packing 1 kg| 15| | OTS tin Packing| | | 900 gm tin| 15| | 1. 5 kg tin| 6| | 2. 5 kg tin| 6| 2| Litro Pack Instant Drink| | | Pouch suitable to make 1 litre| 12*10| 3| Gofrut Instant Drink (5gm pouch)| 72*10| 4| Shakeup Instant Drink| |. | 25 gm single serve pack | 24*30| | 150 gm standby pouch| 108| 5| Rasna Lite 250 gm jar | 15| 6| Rasna Soft Drink Concentrate| | | 32 glass pack| 200| 7| Rasna Single Serve Iced Tea 9 gm | 14*24*20| Whereas Rasna has so many different varieties of drinks (flavours) and in so many different sized packets its competitors are lacking behind in both flavours and availability of different quantity packs. The Price of Rasna: Accessing all socio-economic class: Rasna’s sole goal has been always to make profit with the volume sale. The pricing strategy has always been the key of Rasna’s success. It targeted the mass rather than the class. * Rasna has always made its products in such a way that it can be accessible to all socio-economic classes. * Its volume sale starts at as low as 1 popular in the name of 1 ka 2. * The added sugar product Rasna Frootplus starts from 2 and goes up to 105 for the family pack. * The box pack has a starting price of 10 which can make 12 glasses of drink and is known popularly as 10 ka 12. * The family box pack is available at 35 which is enough for 32 glasses of water. * Rasna has some skus which are very interesting for regular use. The air tight jar has different pack size with price range starting from Rs. 75. The company is constantly focussing on the rural market of India. So, accurate pricing is very important for the company’s growth. For Rasna, accurate pricing has been the key growth driver. They understood that the Indian market is highly segmented. And making products targeting each segment has helped a lot. Whereas pricing has been the key growth factor for Rasna, the competitors have not been able to enjoy that benefit of pricing. Only Tang is available at a sachet of 2 which is again meant for making 1 glass of drink. Likewise, the other competitors cannot even come close to the pricing strategy of Rasna. Promotion: Adding an Emotional Touch: Rasna has from its inception relied heavily on advertisement. The famous mass media campaign, â€Å"I love you Rasna† was one of India’s longest running TV ad. * The promotion of Rasna always highlighted a strong connection with its customers through brand association. * Rasna has always created a brand value by emotionally attaching the customer to their brand. * Focus of the promotion is always to promote the quality of Rasna. * Rasna spends a lot on Research on the target audience, and promotes there products accordingly. * Rasna has used child characters in their advertising campaigns, and through them the company emphasised on the quality of products which was an effective way of promotion. * Rasna has done a great deal to understand the pain of summer and to deliver a product which will ease the pain. This kind of unique and innovative marketing ideas and campaigns made Rasna the monopoly in the Soft Drink Concentrate industry till the time the competitors entered the market. Even now, no brand has been able to beat the promotional campaigns of Rasna. Going by the set standards of Rasna, we can say that the competitors have spent very less time and money understanding the Indian market and the promotional activities that works in the India. Place: Distribution Channel of Rasna: The distribution channel of Rasna follows 3 to 5 tier architecture. It follows the Super-Sub concept of distribution. The steps are as follows: 1. First the product produced in a factory which is strategically located to minimise the transportation cost. 2. The packed product is sent to various company depots across the country to distribute and meet the respective market demand. 3. From the company depot, the product is delivered to the different super stockists according to their previously placed order. 4. Then the goods are sent to the sub stockists or in some cases to the wholesale store. 5. The secondary sale from the super stockist or the sub stockist is ensured by the constant monitoring by the company personal. Rasna follows different distribution channel model according to local market demand. But for every model the end goal of the company is to deliver a quality product to the end user. With a distribution channel consisting of 35 depots across the country and 1. 8 million retail outlets Rasna is bound to be the leader. Among the competitors the only one that has a good and competitive network of distribution is Sunfill by Coca Cola, but still they are not able to compete as availability with retailers is not as widespread as Rasna. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE The competitive advantages of Rasna are listed below: * Being the Pioneer in the market Rasna is well known and very much trusted in the Indian market. * Being in the market for a long time, Rasna knows the Indian taste the best. * Having 7 state of the art production units across the country, the production is never disturbed for any reason. * Because of the widespread distribution network, it is more close to the public. * The marketing strategies used by the company are of superior standard. * Last but not the least, the pricing of the product, which is so low that it is affordable by the lowest segment of the pyramid also. The competitive advantages of Tang are: * Being one of the largest brands of the world, Tang has the sustainability even if it is hit at the beginning. * Tang is available in variety of flavours based on local consumer’s preference. * Tang is fortified with vitamins and minerals. * It is available as powdered and ready to drink bottles. * The powdered Tang is available at low cost. The Competitive advantages of Sunfill are: * Being a brand owned by Coca Cola, the distribution cost is cheaper, so can offer the product at a low and competitive price. * The taste is superior compared to other competitive brands. * Setting up of a production unit close to the target customer segment will help in better marketing. * The company can spend substantial amount on advertising and promotion. The Competitive advantages of Sugarfree D’lite are: * It is a brand owned by a medical company, so people have trust in the product. * It contains no sugar, so it is healthier. * Has medicinal advantages. * Helps in controlling blood sugar level, at the same time gives the pleasures of a soft drink. The Competitive advantages of Kissan Mr.fruit are: * It is there in the market for a long time, so knows the customer taste and preferences. * Tastier than many of the competitor products. * Supply chain is quite strong as it’s a product owned by Hindustan Unilever. SUGGESTIONS FOR GAINING UPPER MARKET SHARE As we conclude the study on the No. 1 Soft Drink Concentrate in India, Rasna, I have the following suggestions to make so that the company can gain more market share and continue to be the leader of the industry: Product- In terms of product, the following can be done: 1. Try to minimise waste in production, so that the cost of production comes down further. 2. Venture into new products, like ready to drink bottled drinks. 3. Try producing sugar free products so that even a diabetic patient can enjoy the drinks. 4. Health drinks and energy drinks is another field where the company can venture into. 5. Backward integration is another option that can be suggested to minimise the cost of production. Price- the Company can be more price effective and in turn can gain more market share if, 1. More products are offered in the lower price category. 2. Price be reduced for the larger quantity cartons or bottles. 3. New and introductory products are sold for lesser price so that people are interested in trying the new things. Promotion- In terms of promotion, the company can follow the following suggestions: 1. Use newer and cheaper modes of advertisement, like the social networking sites. 2. Spend more on Banners, posters, Hoardings. 3. Stop the use of sportspersons and celebrities, as the same doesn’t have a long standing effect on the general public. 4. Remove the time lag between the promotion and the availability of new products in the market. Place- Place plays a vital role in the success of a company or a brand. The following are my recommendations for improving the market share: 1. Go to the newer potential places which have not been tapped earlier. 2. The untimely dispatch of goods from the depot to the super stockist needs to be taken care of as it may lead to cancellation of order bookings. 3. Unavailability of goods at certain periods needs to be taken care of with a proper distribution control. 4. Promotional events along with the distribution of brochures, stickers and leaflets should be done through sub-stockists and retailers which will help in increasing the brand value. References: During the preparation of this project, help and references has been taken from many web sites and blogs and articles. They are mentioned here: -Rasna Pvt Ltd. Official site. -Wikipedia-the free encyclopaedia -Puneet Tandon Blogs -Economic Times -Times of India Articles -4psbusinessand marketing. com.

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Personal Financing, Time Management, And Study Strategies

I haven t heard much about the cornerstone course, so when I began this class, I didn t have anything to base my expectations on except for that everyone I knew going to FSW has to take it as well. Except for students who attended before it was mandatory to take. I was full of anticipation about what the course would cover. Glancing at the textbook, I figured the material would be unique compared to anything I ve taken before. It also crossed my mind that maybe this class is insignificant compared to the numerous other classes ahead of me on the path to a hopeful future degree. However I soon decided my opinion was wrong, the topics covered soon proved to be very motivational for me as I took on other classes and began to adjust to college. It s served as something to base my perspective on for years to come. Some of the most beneficial topics covered for me were personal financing, time management, and study strategies. Deciding how I m going to build a plan (or if I do) to manage my money over the course of the next four years has bothered me since I first got a job in 10th grade. I ve improved greatly since then, I don t splurge my money when I m with a group of people or go out to eat twice a day when with my partner for long periods of time. After attending class the day we discussed this, I went home and created a account and noticed the account offered many helpful links to other financial tools. A mint account helps keeps track of credit cards andShow MoreRelatedWilliam Wrigley Jr. Company: Capital Structure1219 Words   |  5 PagesDotter University of the Incarnate Word Introduction In the case study, â€Å"The William Wrigley Jr. Company: Captial Structure, Valuation, and the Cost of Capital† the author, Robert Bruner, examines how Blanka Dobrynin, managing partner at Aurora Borealis, explores the opportunity to persuade Wrigley’s board to complete a leveraged recapitalization through a dividend or major share repurchase. Through her active investor strategy, Blanca is trying to increase the value of investment in WrigleyRead MoreAble Planet Case Essay1470 Words   |  6 Pages5 Memo to Kevin Semcken 7 References 9 â€Æ' Abstract This paper will analyze Case Study 2 Able Planet. In this case study, Kevin Semcken, Able Planet’s CEO and chairman is seeking capital to finance existing operations for its current products, build a prototype for a new product and market both products to new and current customers (Scarborough, 2012). Furthermore, Able Planet is unable to secure financing from a bank due to a predicament in the economic markets which has all but closed shutRead MoreExample Of Business Assistance Program Courses1450 Words   |  6 Pageshighest level. We understand the need for contractors to develop sound business and financial management practices and have developed numerous Contractor Colleges, and other seminars and training sessions to accommodate those needs. The Sessions created by LSC normally include a variety of instruction classes on various topics, e.g., Estimating, Marketing, Joint Ventures, Bonding and Financial Management. Through our consultative services, firms will learn supportive steps that are critical to startingRead MoreSMU MBA SEM 2 SUMMER 2015 ASSIGNMENTS1436 Words   |  6 Pages2015 ASSIGNMENTS MB 0044 - PRODUCTION AND OPERATION MANAGEMENT 1. Explain the elements or components of operations strategy. 2 Answer the following questions: a. What is location decision sequence? b. Which general factors influence the plant location decision? 3 Write short notes on: ï‚ · Pareto analysis ï‚ · Acceptance sampling ï‚ · Juran’s quality trilogy ï‚ · Taguchi’s quality loss function 4 Answer the following questions: a. Define project management. b. What are the major characteristics of a projectRead MoreSyllabus: Corporate Finance and Business Journal/newspaper Article1123 Words   |  5 PagesInstructor: Brendan Mallee Class Time/Location: July 2nd – August 8th MW 6:10-9:30pm / Hamilton Hall 516 Course Description: This course examines important issues in corporate finance from the perspective of financial managers who are responsible for making significant investment and financing decisions. The course is designed to develop critical corporate finance skills including: financial statement analysis, time value of money, valuation of stocks and bonds, net presentRead MoreInterlocking Effects Of Directors And Management985 Words   |  4 Pageschallenged by the media on their capacity of standards compliance and high-quality performance for all directed corporations. This essay is dedicated to interlocking directorates. It will review literatures under the framework of both legislation and management, identify double-side effects of interlocks, discuss interlocking directors’ capacity of duties meeting and suggest possible solutions to the problem. 2. Bibliography 2.1. Main duties of directors Two main sources of directors’ duties are equitableRead MoreNeverfail Computing1728 Words   |  7 PagesDelaney was a hard-working and determined person which continued to demonstrate during his path. Before starting University, he did labour work which steeled his determination to â€Å"being paid to think†. He showed a lot of flair and creativity during his studies and won a first prize for best business plan. His undergraduate in Entrepreneurship Marketing empowered him with the technical knowledge required to start his own business. We should also underline his long term vision, demonstrated by him changingRead MoreWarren Buffett Case Study1054 Words   |  5 Pagescase study, we can see many financial principles. His principles aren ´t very complex and you probably don ´t have to be a mathematical or a social science genius to understand them. But in order to apply them you need a very conservative, clear and analytical character. Some few of those are foll owing: Economic reality, accounting reality: Buffett devotes most of his attention not to tracking share price but to analyzing the economics of the underlying business and assessing its management. He wasRead MoreCareer Path Choice : Chief Executive Officer1564 Words   |  7 Pagesfour categories: Introduction, description of the job, inside-job applications using two companies as reference, and finally a real and personal insight of the career by the opinion of a guest. Introduction A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the highest ranking executive in a company whose main responsibilities include developing and implementing high-level strategies, making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of a company, and acting as the main point of communicationRead MoreAdam Aircraft1729 Words   |  7 PagesAir Force. Pilots and computer engineers socially surrounded Rick, which gave him an insight to knowing what the customer needed. According to the case, Rick described himself as a raging incrementalist in which he preferred to innovate one-step at a time. That was the drive behind his semi-conservative approach to the market because he believed the chances of failure could have dangerous effects on his company, which he personally funded at start. The market for airplanes has high barriers of entry

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Race And European Superiority During The First World War

Race and European superiority were important aspects of the First World War for two main reasons. Ideas about race were developed throughout the 19th century during the scramble for Africa. The partition of Africa became one of the most prominent preoccupations of modern Europeans. Furthermore, several of the major countries at war between 1914 and 1918 possessed large colonial empires, where white Europeans ruled over Africans, Asians, and Pacific Islanders. Until recently, historians rarely mentioned the involvement of colonial troops during the First World War. It can be seen today that every country had different point of views concerning the reasons for the involvement of African troops in colonial armies but also the treatment of Africans. It is therefore important to understand how important those ideas of race and European superiority in the treatment of Africans in the colonial armies were. To answer this question, one must first understand the concept of race and European superiority in the treatment of Africans. When Europeans colonised Africa and Asia, they made sure that the native people knew that they were their leaders and that they were superior to them. However, during the First World War many Africans and Asians fought alongside the Europeans. To comprehend how important those ideas of race and European superiority in the treatment of Africans in the colonial armies, one can firstly analyse the importance of race and European superiority in France.Show MoreRelatedThe World Of The Holocaust853 Words   |  4 PagesOne common assumption that people make about the Holocaust is that the atrocity was an event unique to world history. It is not often taught in United States history classes that there were events previous to World War II that set precedence that allowed the Holocaust to occur under Nazi Germany rule. Generally, history classes do not explore colonialism outside of the United States, so it is no surprise that very few people are a ware of German colonialism in Africa, let alone how Germany’s actionsRead MoreBattle Of The Great War956 Words   |  4 Pagesthe Great War, WWII, and Cold War are described as one big war or not, for sure, each war theoretically ties together. Although the initial cause of the Great War, 1914-1918 is due to the assassination of the Austrian archduke, who was Francis Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie, what makes the Great War tied to WWII is the closure war of the series of peace treaties, and also the bitterness and vengeful soldiers. Nevertheless, there are three big events that tie the Great War, WWII and Cold war togetherRead MoreRace As A Social Construct1087 Words   |  5 PagesThe concept of race is an ancient construction through which a single society models all of mankind around the ideal man. This idealism evolved from prejudice and ignorance of another culture and the inability to view another human as equal. The establishment of race and racism can be seen from a s early as the Middle Ages through the present. The social construction of racism and the feeling of superiority to people of other ethnicities, have been distinguishably present in European societies as wellRead MoreThe Social Construction Of Race1743 Words   |  7 PagesIn The Social Construction of Race, Ian F. Haney Lopez defines race as a social construct that is constantly changing its meaning due to the fickle nature of society. Lopez believes that this fickleness stems from a social climate formed by a variety of factors such as human economic interest, current events, and ideology. There are certain racial definitions however, that have remained mostly the same despite efforts to bring attention to the offensiveness and immorality of such discriminatory thinkingRead MoreThe New Imperialism During the 19th Century Essay1046 Words   |  5 PagesThe New Imperialism during the 19th century throughout Africa and Asia was an influential prompt to the rise of colonialism and powerful European empires. Consisting of raw materials, markets for European business, and provided resources made the African and Asian colonies extremely ingenious for European empires. However, as the 20th century emerged, imperialism suddenly faded and became a sentiment of the past. Surely even one of the most influential empires at a certain point in time – BritainRead MoreThe World Economy And The Western World1462 Words   |  6 Pages The world economy played a large role in the shaping of racial circumstances in Africa and the Western world. The African world went from barely any contact with any nations outside of Africa pre-1400, to vast trade with European nations and the West by the 1800s. The major change in communication and trade affected the way in which the economy flourished and countries evolved. The introduction of African slaves to the Western world through trade because of disenclavement and the emergence of capitalismRead MoreAs Japan Joined The Glob al Community, Its Leaders Realized1692 Words   |  7 Pagesbenefit itself as well as the colonies, while internally they used ideas of racial superiority, militaristic lust for conquest, and fascist ultra-nationalism to convince the populace to follow along. Japan’s strong belief in the superiority of their race over the Chinese people tricked them into being complacent in their invasion of Manchuria, and ultimately was a major factor in their eventual defeat at the end of World War II. The West’s dealings in China and the rest of Asia showed Japan the realityRead MoreThe Events Leading For The First World War1085 Words   |  5 PagesThe Events Leading to The First World War Xavier Theriot HIST102-084 The world war thrown into chaos the day that the Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war on Serbia. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand ushered a war which caused the toppling of four empires and lead to the deaths of millions of soldiers and civilians. This paper will attempt to explore and analyze the events that took place leading up to World War I. There are numerous causes of the war, but perhaps the most importantRead MoreNazi Ideology And The Nazi Party Essay1641 Words   |  7 Pagesaspects of Nazi ideology such as antisemitism, the desire to expand the German empire, and the belief in the strength of the Aryan race existed in Germany years before Adolf Hitler was a name anyone in Germany would recognize. The most widely known aspects of Nazi ideology are their hatred of Jewish people and their tireless efforts to exterminate the entire race during their rule. This distinctly Nazi belief of antisemitism is not one that the Nazis created. It instead had existed for several thousandRead MoreScramble for Africa835 Words   |  4 PagesEuropean powers were involved in Africa since the mid-1500s but had restricted their area of influence to only the coastal regions of Western Africa, where powers such as Great Britain established hubs for their highly profitable slave trade (David). Over a period of nearly three hundred years, European ships had transported more than 11 million people from Africa to different areas of the world, including America after the slave trade was abolished in Europe, and sold them into slavery (David)